The Fate Of Babylonia

P3/4. The Heretic Investigation
Ch1. The Seal

The group finally investigated the wooden walls attached to the southern wall of Babylon. There they met a Farmer named Cicero and his sick son Sam. However, this young man was not truly what he appeared to be. The real Sam was found beneath the bed and the False Sam, along with several other guards were discovered to be Heretics in disguise. A door was also discovered within the wall of the farm, put there by none other than MacDell himself, who had been biding time as a farmhand until the day of the attack. 

The Heretics were questioned and promptly executed by The God King Marduk after uncovering additional info that pointed to the fact that the Attackers had fled to the south. 

After a touching Ceremony to send the souls of the fallen on the Northern wind performed by the lord of creation himself Lady Abonde, and several other companions, Decided to accompany the Brave as they set out on their new mission to track down the heretics.

would they find the Accused before Lilith regained her powers? 

Would they successfully guide the moronic pedestrians to the city of Sumer?

would Ulrich and Rama Find another whore house as good as the hanging Gardens?

Will the young girl Annie truly be Okay?

only time will tell…


The Brave
Ch1. The Seal: part 3

after suffering from seemingly random fever dreams following their defeat at the Hands of Macdell, our heroes awoke to discover they were deep inside the Etemenanki  being cared for by a kind Priestess named Abonde, and the Lord of Creation himself, Deus Marduk. 

during the somewhat awkward, and informal meeting with the King of Kings the heroes, thanks to the ingenuity of the rookie Ranger Ceres, successfully interrogated one of the heretics responsible for the attacks. They learned that the organization responsible for the attacks could be traced back to either Eridu or Nippur before the man was gruesomely executed by Marduk.

For their Valor in the face of Certain defeat, and the Loyalty they Exhibited towards their gods, the Four Heroes were rewarded with the Prestigious title of The Mark of the Brave and Ordered to help investigate those responsible for the attack. 

The group began their investigation by splitting up and following the different leads given to them during the interrogation. The Ranger Ceres discovered a rogue who had stolen documents related to the Warrior Macdell and one of the Seals, his Daughter Eliza, while the Priest Galio Discovered vital city blueprints which could be used to uncover the mystery of the wooden wall the prisoner spoke of. As Galio and Ceres continued their investigations Ulrich also made a few important discoveries about the benefits of Fine Wine and Loose Woman with his new friend Rama. 

finally, while helping a maintenance worker find his missing coworker, and hunt down a mysterious tiny green monster with the ability to steal the body of other creatures, the gang discovered signs of forced entry through a drainage pipe leading out of the city and another one of the mysterious objects that was  used to inject them with an unknown substance.

was this the only entrance and exit of the mysterious organization that attacked the Ceremony?

what awaited them at the Wooden wall?

would Ulrich get more pussy with Rama?

only time will tell….


Ch1. The Seal
Part 2: Aftermath

The Sealing Ceremony, a Festival with a purpose nearly forgotten by the masses was met with a grim reminder on its 100th aniversary. the festival was attacked by an unknown group with an equally unknown agenda. not only that, but they managed to attack from within wearing the garb of the Gods most trusted officials no less. During the attack several soldiers were killed including Bram, the leader of the City guard, several priests and Four Brave strangers who were willing to risk their lives in the service of their gods. What may happen next?

Only time will tell…

Scene 1: The Sealing Ceremony

The time for the Sealing Ceremony has arrived once again in the land of Babylonia. It is a time of grand celebration and merriment for the hundreds of thousands of people who have flocked to the Great City of Babylon to partake in the Festivities. What was once a Solemn event thousands of years ago has evolved into a Grand Festival for all the land to enjoy. The streets are filled with merchants, games, performers, and even a Parade on the Day of the Ceremony. Priests from every Holy City have flocked to the Heart of Babylonia to represent the will of their Respective Gods. Warriors come to perform for the people in the Coliseum. It is here, in the streets of Babylonia, that we find Four strangers with Intertwining Fates. 


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