Birth and Fertility

In Babylonia there is no such thing as Accidental Insemination. 

In order for a couple to Spawn a Child they must first visit a temple, which are usually only Located within the walls of a city or town. Then they must request a blessing of fertility from a member of the temple and make the necessary offering to the gods' alter pool. The offering takes the form of a drop of blood from each partner and a small gold donation, though in some cases (usually for farmers) goods produced are an acceptable donation. The standard rate for such a blessing is 16gp. If the offerings are accepted a piece of fruit will materialize within the pool. The hopeful couple must then each take a bite from the fruit to receive the Blessing and conclude the ceremony.

This process must be repeated for each additional child the family desires.

This process of the offerings is a formality which once held a significant meaning, but has been forgotten by much of the general population outside of those who perform it.


Pregnancy still lasts a total of 9 months, but thanks to the Sigil of the gods Child birth is far less painful than in our world.


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