Guidance Priests

Guidance Priests 

Within the Temple of Teachings exists a faction of Priests trained in the arts of combat. Only the Most devout members of the temples showing the strongest connection to the gods Blessed energy, which flows throughout all of Babylonia, may join this elite sect of Holy Desciples.

Once a person has pledged their loyalty to the gods they are ordained as A Priest of Guidance and their Sigil is altered to allow them to have a greater connection to the Gods Blessings.

for some this process may be painful. But for those with a strong connection this process is far less taxing on the body. 

Once Ordained their life of study begins. The path of a Guidence priest is entirely up to the individual. However, the temples strongly encourage their desciples to perform actions that benefit the church, the People of Babylonia, or spread and reinforce the will of the gods, otherwise they may suffer the disgrace of excommunication and lose the support of the Temples. 

The ultimate test of a Guidance Priest is to  conduct The Grand Pilgrimage. A journey that begins in Eridu, and ends in Hursag, while stopping in the temples of the 4 remaining Holy Cities and helping travelers cross the wilds along the way. Priests that complete this Trecherous Journey are granted the Mark of the Shepard and are then aloud to become high priests of their own temples, or be put in charge of temples in need of a High Priest when the time comes. 

However, for Priest that do not aspire to complete this task there are still plenty of other ways to devote their lives in service of the people. 

or in some cases themselves…

Guidance Priests

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