Origin Guidelines

Origin Guidelines and Tips

Race: there aren't really different races in Babylonia. They are seen mostly as birth defects. to find information on the racial distinctions see People and Birth

In your Back stories I need to know:

1.what region your born in, either pick a city or make one up and tell me its region and ill add it to my map.

2. If your involved in any of the premade organizations please tell me which one, Peacekeepers cant be one of them. Being a ranger class is not required to be in the Rangers, but i do recommend it. zerzura's nomadic tribes would be a good start for barbarians, again not required. However, if you are going to be a guidance priest giving me some ideas as to how long youve been a member of the church would be greatly appreciated. and what city you're stationed in if not on Pilgramige.

3. No super powers or weird special origin stories like demonic resurrection. I already have a story in mind with multiple narrative flows planned based on your actions. I'm not basing the majority of my story off of your backstories, thats why i made up all this information for you guys after all.

4. everyone should start out somewhere in the neutral range. good works if you want but starting off evil will only make things difficult in the beginning in terms of group motivations.

5. I'll be asking you more questions about your characters backgrounds leading up to the start of the campaign and as the story progresses.

Send your Backstories  to cervantesryn@gmail.com I'd prefer that you didnt share your backstories with other party members before the game starts. It gives you more incentive to role play with each other during travel if you dont already know everything about each other.

good luck guys. I'm gonna try my best to make this as fun as possible for you.


Origin Guidelines

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