The People of Babylonia

The natural life span of a Babylonian is 200 years unless cut short by other non-natural means, lengthened by the direct blessings of their gods or turned into a Lesser God.

In regards to aging babylonians are extremely similar to half-elves.

They start at a normal growth and development rate, but their physical aging starts to slow after they hit puberty.


 Babylonians do not instinctively differentiate themselves by Race, but rather, by the Sigil on the Nape of the neck that each individual was born with.

 common distinctive traits such as:

  • extended lower jaws (Half-Orc)
  • Elongated ears (elves)
  •  stunted height (halflings, gnomes, Dwarves)

were viewed as nothing more than Birth defects believed to be caused by a variety of factors. One of the oldest, and most commonly believed myths surrounding this phenomenon was that the different levels of Dark Water in the atmosphere around a persons location of conception could have affect their development within the womb. in some regions certain defects are more common then others and different defects affected your social standing and acceptance in certain areas of the world. In other words, though it was frowned upon by the general public, prejudice towards individuals affected by these defects still existed. (just like the world we currently live in)

For Example:

the Touched (half orcs) are more commonly born in Zerzura, and other Northern areas

while The Blessed (elf/half elf) are far more common in the south and west near Eridu and Lagash.

Midgets (halflings,dwarf, gnome) are born sporadically throughout the land. 


All of which are considered rare.

Marriage still olds great religious significance in Babylonia, and the rules around it are extremely strict. Divorce is a difficult process and can usually only be obtained if one member of the union can prove that the other was unfaithful, or if both members amicably wish it so. The price for an amicable divorce is the removal of the finger used during the ceremony from both individuals (usually the pinky for first marriages). As for the price for an unfaithful partner, Adultery is considered to be the greatest sin a Married person can commit. So in cases where an unfaithful spouse is caught the offended partner may choose to have the offender executed by the representative overseeing the case. Usually a governing official, Ranger, or Peacekeeper depending on the complexity of the case. If the offended does not want their spouse executed but still requests a divorce, then only the offender's finger is removed, and the back of their hand is literally branded with the Mark of Infidelity as a warning to any potential future admirers.




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