Season of Transference

The Season of Transference

The gods exist within Babylonia due to a pact made long ago that allows them to use the bodies of Babylonians as vessels for their individual spirits.

However, though the normal Babylonian lives to be 200yrs of age, the gods vessels must be replaced every 100 yrs. 

During the year following the Sealing Ceremony the gods will hold their Transference Festivals in their respective territories.

These festivals are treated as a time of celebration, and many believe it is a great honor to be chosen as a vessel.

those that are chosen are often younger individuals who exhibit strong connections to the gods, as well as other distinctive traits the individual deities  tend to prefer. 

(a Guidance Priest and other faithful well-off members of society would have more knowledge of these events and the origins of the pact.)



Season of Transference

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