Welcome to Babylonia!

   A Land created, Saved, and Ruled over By Eight Great Dieties from the Holy Cities and lands they inhabit. Its people have seen peace for ages Immemorial, Food Is plentiful, The Economy is Stable, The People Are well protected from the Wilds that surround them, and even the Birth rates are controlled. To the Majority of the population Babylonia is, for all intents and purposes, A Utopia. 

However, Not all in this world is as it seems…

As another decade ends, The time of the Sealing Ceremony returns, bringing with it another Season of Transference.


Rules and Tips

I'm making a few alterations for this campaign. Most of them are story related.

1. In this World the term Spells & the Rules of Traditional magic Do Not exist. 

The gods granted the truly devout the ability to use blessings. 

See Temple of Teachings & Guidance Priests

2. Bravery is greatly Rewarded! 

The entire campaign doesn't exist without it. 

Much of the campaign takes place in the Wilds. Places where people haven't stood for Centuries, and Carriages couldn't possibly cross, though that doesnt make them useless. 

3. In regards to your Origin stories please keep in mind: This is not a story about great people doing great things, but of normal people becoming great. 

Here are some Helpful Origin Guidelines to help you write your stories.

4. lastly, there is a new Skill called Draw that all classes are proficient in.



The Fate Of Babylonia

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