Nurgal, the Enforcer of Law and Order

The God of Law and Order


7’1, A Brawny, broad shouldered Man with a beastly muscular physique. His true face is known by few, The armor however, Has been the same for Millennium. Dark Steal Plate armor Detailed to accentuate his monsterous visage and strike fear into those who gaze upon him.


The right hand of Marduk and leader of the Peacekeepers. Nurgal is truly Known By His Armor, and many legends and theories exist around it.
The most common theory being that he hides his Vessels Identity and dons the armor as a symbol.
“Law has no face, no humanity, the Law of the land simply is, and must be obeyed at all times. This is the Will of the Gods.” – excerpt from the Guiding proverbs of the Peacekeeper.
In terms of Hierarchy, He is the lowest of the Supreme Gods, and rules over no region Directly. Instead, he spends his time Traveling the Roads throughout Babylonia Passing Judgment on Bandits, and slaying Great Beasts to aid endangered villages. Stories of Nurgal are used by parents to keep naughty children from misbehaving, and to instill bravery in children that must venture along the roads of the wilds.

(not a God you can be born under when writing backstories)

Nurgal, the Enforcer of Law and Order

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