The Fate Of Babylonia


The Sealing Ceremony

The time for the Sealing Ceremony has arrived once again in the land of Babylonia. It is a time of grand celebration and merriment for the hundreds of thousands of people who have flocked to the Great City of Babylon to partake in the Festivities. What was once a Solemn event thousands of years ago has evolved into a Grand Festival for all the land to enjoy. The streets are filled with merchants, games, performers, and even a Parade on the Day of the Ceremony. Priests from every Holy City have flocked to the Heart of Babylonia to represent the will of their Respective Gods. Warriors come to perform for the people in the Coliseum. It is here, in the streets of Babylonia, that we find Four strangers with Intertwining Fates. 


Sounds like there might be some people in need of a professional victim.


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